NC issues February SNAP benefits early due to government shutdown

SNAP benefits covered through February

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) - The shutdown has not slowed down all government benefits. Anyone who is expecting to get food through assistance programs can rest assure that you will be covered for the month of February.

It’s all about being ahead of the curve according to Angela Karchmer. She is the director of social services in Gaston County and helps to handle government assistance in the area.

“We’re working ahead, trying to relieve any fears that our residents have regarding their SNAP benefits,” said Karchmer.

There would be so much devastation if the food program were to be put on pause because of the shutdown.

“A significant impact on our families,” said Karchmer.

There are 15,000 households in Gaston County that rely on SNAP benefits. Most of these homes have children. Their parents work, but have low incomes. Other people under the program are of the older generation and physically can’t work.

We’re hopeful that the shutdown will come to an end very soon, but we just want our families to know that they are covered through February,” Karchmer said.

Just in case the shutdown runs through March and benefits are completely stopped, county officials are working with nearby food banks to make sure there is food ready for the families who need it the most.

County officials say they would also be turning to state leaders for help if this government shutdown means no SNAP benefits.

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