Three Rivers Land Trust conserves Mountain Creek Farm in Stanly County

Three Rivers Land Trust conserves Mountain Creek Farm in Stanly County

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - The Salisbury-based Three Rivers Land Trust has announced the conservation of the Mountain Creek Farm in Stanly County, according to a recent press release.

Richard and Mitzie Almond permanently conserved their 54-acre farm located on the edge of Albemarle in Stanly County on December 31, 2018. The Almonds grow blueberries and row crops and wanted to ensure that this special place would remain a farm for future generations.

As the name of the farm implies, this farm is located along Mountain Creek. Mountain Creek is a particularly scenic stream, with high water quality. In addition, there are several species of rare mussel that call that creek home. In 2018, Three Rivers Land Trust conserved an additional 45-acre parcel along Mountain Creek that was transferred to Morrow Mountain State Park.

“We are always excited to work with conservation minded land owners,” states Executive Director Travis Morehead. “With the addition of this easement, we have conserved nearly 300 acres of land in Stanly County alone in 2018. We believe this demonstrates our commitment to the conservation of our region’s rural landscapes and family farms.”

The conservation easement selected by the Almond’s prevents intensive residential, commercial, or industrial development of the property but allows the continuation of the traditional uses of the property, including hunting and agriculture.

When asked about the reason for protecting their land, Richard Almond stated “We’re happy to have worked with Three Rivers Land Trust to conserve our property and preserve the natural beauty of the land.” The Almonds have plans to enhance the wildlife habitat of the property by planting hardwood trees near Mountain Creek.

If you’re interested in learning more about conservation options for your property, or would like to become a member of Three Rivers Land Trust and support us in our local conservation efforts, please contact Crystal Cockman at 704-647-0302 or

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