Man charged with murder after other man found shot to death behind recreation center

Man found dead behind Charlotte recreational center

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Police have charged a man with murder one week after another man was found shot to death behind a public recreation center in southeast Charlotte.

The shooting happened on January 4 on the 5000 block of Idlewild Rd. North, on a path behind the Albemarle Road Recreation Center. Police were called to the scene around 7:30 a.m. after the victim - later identified as 21-year-old Shakier Henderson - was found dead on the path.

On Friday, police said 21-year-old Antonio Green Collins had been arrested and charged with murder in Henderson’s death. Officers did not say what evidence led to Collins being named as a suspect.

Antonio Collins from an unrelated 2017 arrest. (Mecklenburg County Jail)
Antonio Collins from an unrelated 2017 arrest. (Mecklenburg County Jail)

The day Henderson’s body was found, Major Ryan Butler spoke to the public about the shooting, stating that police were canvassing nearby properties to try and find more information related to the shooting. In addition to this, Butler also noted that there had been no calls for service at any point late Thursday or early Friday before the body was discovered at 7:34 a.m.

An area behind the recreation center was taped off where the man’s body was found.

“We see it happened on the news all the time and we are like, ‘that is terrible but has nothing to do with us.’ But, when it happens at your front door and your backdoor, that has everything to do with you,” said Robert Anthony who lives across the street. “If it hadn’t of been raining this morning, I may have been the one that found the body. That is the path that I take every morning.”

Neighbors say that the center hosts after school programs, community events for older adults, and sport practices.

“It is really a shock. I don’t think I will be going down there by myself like I said, but it is still a pretty good neighborhood,” said Neighbor Barbara Maxwell. “I have my granddaughter and I use to take her over to the park behind the rec. center and I would sit on the bench while she plays on the gym and everything over there.”

This marked the third homicide in four days for Charlotte in 2019, and there have been at least three other shootings near this specific address over the past year alone.

“Officers are actually here at the Rec. center every Wednesday night working with a mentoring program called ‘promise youth,’ said Major Ryan Butler with CMPD. “We have a very well-established relationship with the community here. We are hoping to leverage that to obtain some witness information.”

No further information has been released at this time as this remains an active investigation.

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