Voters say date differences on mail ballot ‘innocent mistake’

Ballot irregularities under investigation in Meck County

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Only 305 absentee ballots with date discrepancies were uploaded to the North Carolina State Board of Elections as requested. State board investigators have opened a case and are reviewing information provided by the North Carolina Values Coalition.

The NC Values Coalition filed a memo with the NCSBE arguing that date discrepancies where voters sign their ballots on different dates than witnesses indicate the voter violated state statute by not having their vote witnessed.

The state board of elections says mismatched dates along aren’t enough to discount a ballot.

Director of Mecklenburg County Board of Elections Michael Dickerson is one of the people who is connected to a date discrepancy. Dickerson is listed as a witness on both his daughters' ballots but he signed a different date than both of them.

“I didn’t see who they voted for, I don’t care who they voted for. I witnessed it,” Dickerson said.

He says it’s that simple, he just signed on a different day than they voted. *

Bernard Bentley’s wife Judith had a different date than one witness. He swears that neighbors witnessed her fill out the ballot

“One of them wrote wrote down the wrong date, it’s just that simple,” Bentley said.

Two other people WBTV contacted also said their ballots were witnessed but they made errors signing it or dating it. *

“I think we’re sort of making a mountain out of a mole hill,” Bentley said.

“We’re looking to find problems where problems don’t exist and we have enough problems that do exist we should focus on those.”

Date fields are a new feature for absentee ballots. In an email a state board of elections spokesperson said the date section was added “primarily because of Bladen County absentee voting irregularities” investigated in 2016.

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