Uptown Charlotte hot spot’s health rating falls to C for food handling

Uptown Charlotte hot spot’s health rating falls to C for food handling
Ink & Ivy, the popular restaurant in uptown Charlotte, dropped from an A to a C in its most recent inspection. (Source: KATHLEEN PURVIS)

CHARLOTTE, NC (Kathleen Purvis/Charlotte Observer) - One of uptown Charlotte’s most popular spots for food and cocktails fell from a grade of A to a C in a recent health inspection, according to a report that found violations including mishandling food and dead roaches in one area.

Ink & Ivy is one of more than a dozen restaurants run by the Charlotte-based Bottle Cap Group, which also owns Hot Taco, Whiskey Warehouse, Gibson and Rosemont, and also recently announced plans to open a new restaurant, Papa Doc’s Surf Club, on Lake Wylie.

The Bottle Cap Group did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the rating.

Mecklenburg County health inspections are available online at public.cdpehs.com.

The restaurant’s previous inspections have been A and B ratings, including B’s on two inspections last May. In the current inspection, the restaurant received a score of 78. When restaurants receive C ratings, they can request a reinspection.

Listed in the Wednesday report were violations that included bartenders handling used plates and utensils and then handling raw garnishes for drinks; raw food such as shrimp stored over ready-to-eat foods; and dishes that weren’t properly sanitized.

From the report: “Observed many dishes stored as clean with heavy food debris . . . dishes with greasy films on them.” In another note, the inspection noted “many dead cockroaches in liquor room.”

Bottle Cap’s other restaurants have A ratings.