TSA staff working without pay, agents at CLT Airport remaining in good spirits

Government shutdown impacting air travel

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - TSA staff including agents at checkpoints and air traffic controllers are still being asked to report for work—despite no pay from the government shutdown. But staff and flyers are all asking the question of just how long this can go on, before bigger issues arise and the potential for your safety to be at risk.

While thousands of flyers are preparing for take off - TSA officers are preparing for more days ahead working without pay. 51,000 officers have been told to keep reporting to work through the shutdown because they are considered essential.

“Without your paycheck, you lose your incentive to be efficient at your job and everything,” says flyer, Joel Rittenberg.

Which flyers say can cause concerns for lack of security with air travel. TSA reported seeing a slightly increased rate of worker absences less than 24 hours ago across the country.

TSA media representatives available told us they weren’t able to provide specific numbers of absences for Charlotte Douglas at this time, but waiting times don’t appear to be affected.

Agents we talked to off camera tell us even though they are working without pay right now, everyone is still in good spirits. They say some agents are even bringing in food plates and meals—to give to other workers who might not be able to provide food for their own families during this difficult time. But despite all of it flyers are still appreciative of all the work they are putting in right now.

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