NCDOT crews are salting roads on 12-hour shifts ahead of expected icy conditions

Foothills preparing for winter weather

MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) - NCDOT crews say they are working hard for you as we get closer to those freezing temperatures this weekend. Those of you in the mountains are expected to see the worst of that cold weather.

Crews in Morganton spent all of Friday salting the roads. The guys are working on 12-hour shifts for the meantime to make sure roads will hold up well enough for drivers for when the ice comes.

Thousands of pounds of salt brine has been made over the last couple of days to make sure crews have enough to get every stretch of the interstate and secondary roads. There’s an extra ingredient in the brine to help get rid of the ice and that’s salt. Officials say the salt helps to break up the ice and gives drivers more traction.

Crews have don’t have as many plow trucks as they usually would. Some trucks had to be sent to the shop for maintenance, Officials have said that should not slow down the operation of these guys at all.

“Right now we probably have a little over 20,000 gallons of brine paste and hoping to get interstates covered in brine by the end of the day,” said Josh Mashburn, a county maintenance engineer.

Depending on how bad conditions get, crews could stay on 12-hour shifts over the entire weekend.

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