Mecklenburg elections board never reported ballots with mismatching dates

Questionable absentee ballots not handed in

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - WBTV has learned that the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections did not report or upload absentee ballots when voters and witnesses signed the envelopes on different dates. In a memo sent out in April the North Carolina State Board of Elections requested county boards upload ballots with date discrepancies but said they should not that having the same date is not required by statute.

Mecklenberg County BOE Michael Dickerson told WBTV he interpreted the memo to mean ballots be uploaded that are rejected by the county board.

“There was no reason to because my board did not deny them,” Dickserson said.

The language in the memo states something else.

“Board members are encouraged to consider that date fields are not required by statute, that each witness has certified that the “Voter marked the enclosed ballot in my presence,” and that it is possible a witness may have simply written the wrong date. Agency investigators request that Forms displaying date discrepancies be uploaded…”

“Why not upload those documents?” a WBTV reporter asked.

“I'd be happy to do that if that’s what the state wants,” Dickerson replied.

“It says here that's what the state wants,” the reporter responded.

“Again what we read that as if they were rejected. If my board if my board is accepting those ballots, if they are rejected then we send them up to the state board,” Dickseron said.

WBTV examined dozens of absentee ballot envelopes and found numerous instances of date discrepancies.

The group North Carolina Values Coalition filed a memo with the state board petitioning that outlining the date discrepancies and instances of voters not residing where they claimed to.

The group claims that date discrepancies indicate that there were not witnesses to watch the voter fill-in the ballot. Dickerson says that’s not necessarily the case as witnesses might be family members that just sign the envelope later.

While the Values Coalition pointed out that the number of absentee ballot request forms ion Mecklenburg County was abnormally high, Dickerson told WBTV the return rate was similar to previous years.

He says Mecklenburg County voters should not have a reason to doubt the election results.

“We followed the process, we followed procedures just like (we’re) required to do,” Dickerson said.

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