Molly’s Kids: Allie sees JT

Molly’s Kids: Allie sees JT
Allie McDaniels had a blast Sunday night in Raleigh with JT. (Source: Courtesy of family)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Allie McDaniels had a blast Sunday night in Raleigh with JT.

This longtime #MollysKids, who lives a crazy up-and-down medical life, has always wanted to see Justin Timberlake. She says she loves his smile. (Um... don’t we all, Allie??)

Elizabeth McDaniels wrote this morning and said a group called Do It For Love got her daughter to the concert. This groups uses music to help chronically-ill kids.

Also, for those following this Statesville girl's journey closely, Allie has now transferred her treatment from Charlotte to Mission Children's Hospital in Asheville. Her Erhlers Danlos (EDS) is advanced and Elizabeth said doctors there are more knowledgeable about this rare syndrome. Allie has also started passing out more due to her POTS. Elizabeth said Asheville has been great care on this front, too. (Several of our #MollysKids families have kids with POTS and are thirsty for information so I wanted to mention that as well.)

"Sorry it's a long email," Elizabeth ended. "We just have a lot of positives to share. New doctors, great support and Justin Timberlake!"

Never apologize for good.

Happy Monday.


**Editor’s note: This is about one of #MollysKids, children WBTV Anchor Molly Grantham follows closely on her Facebook page. It was first published there, which is why it’s written in a personal way. For years Molly has followed hundreds of kids with uphill medical battles. Find this story and updates on all #MollysKids here.

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