Molly’s Kids: Elizabeth Brooks, still in treatment but no longer needs to travel to St. Jude

Molly’s Kids: Elizabeth Brooks, still in treatment but no longer needs to travel to St. Jude
Elizabeth Brooks (Source: Brooks Family)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Interesting update from 16-year-old Elizabeth Brooks.

This Union County girl has been fighting cancer since April of 2015. Last time we'd heard from her, she had a second relapse of Ewing Sarcoma. For the past two years, she and her family have traveled from Marshville to Memphis, Tennessee every three weeks.

Every three weeks they drive ten hours one way for their daughter to get a specific chemo treatment. Think about that.

The trip is necessary, mom Laura said, because one of the chemo’s Elizabeth needs is not approved by the FDA and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis is the only ones holding the “rights” to distribute the drug to patients.

Her family has been growing mighty weary of the trips. You can’t blame them. Laura said when the trips began, they were begging the doctors to allow them to do them in Charlotte.

“Our doctor tried,” Laura said. “She tried every way she could, pulling every string she could, but the FDA just wouldn’t allow it. We prayed and prayed it would be allowed to be moved to Charlotte. But it wasn’t. So we kept driving ten hours each way, every three weeks.”

They even had their camper in a campground in Memphis as a home away from home.

Well, last month when they went to Memphis, the doctor made an announcement: The FDA had recently approved the drug.

This means Elizabeth can start her treatments in Charlotte!

Her first one is this coming Monday.

“We are so excited!” Laura said. “It’s a huge answer to a prayer for us. It’ll make such a huge difference for our family. I won’t have to be away from my boys and my husband Jeremy will be able to work on all those weeks he was missing.”

And of course, it’ll help Elizabeth in having a more typical teenager girl life, in joining activities and friends.

Congrats, Elizabeth. We're happy for you and can't wait to hear how the treatments are working.

Also, a little bird told us you just got your driver’s license. Now that you’ll be in Charlotte more often, come on by and say hi.



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