Deputy collapses while trying to take man into protective custody

Deputy collapses while trying to take man into protective custody

LANCASTER COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - A deputy in Lancaster County suddenly collapsed while struggling to take a man into protective custody Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, a call came in around 2 p.m. to a convenience store on Highway 903 in the Flat Creek Community, East of Lancaster.

The call was for a suspicious person, a man who was acting strange on the side of Highway 903.

Officials responded and talked to the man and possibly help him. The man reportedly wasn’t cooperative didn’t want help.

The man was not breaking the law, so the authorities left.

Afterwards, officials got another call that the man stepped out in the highway to stop a car.

The deputy approached him and attempted to take the man into protective custody.

The man didn’t want to cooperate and he and the deputy began to struggle. At that point, the deputy’s supervisor was on the way to assist him.

The supervisor was there when the deputy collapsed.

Afterwards, the deputy was alert, conscious and taken to the hospital to be evaluated.

There’s no word on what caused to deputy to collapse, but officials say it appears to have happened during their struggle, but not because he was assaulted.

No further information was released.

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