Charlotte-Mecklenburg homicide total drops for first time in years

Looking at Charlotte's homicide rate in 2018

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - In Mecklenburg County, loud booms and bright lights filled the sky early Tuesday– a start to 2019.

But in two neighborhoods – different, deadly sights and sounds. Shots overnight in two separate spots resulted in two men killed on the first day of 2019. One was near a front porch, another in a driveway.

With this unnerving start, comes a look back at the violence during the year the county now leaves behind - 2018. The year saw several acts of violence causing deaths across the area, from east Charlotte, to Pineville, and down to Steele Creek.

They include a teen boy shot while at school, a restaurant-goer killed while enjoying a local show, a homicide that led to a suspect ambushing police officers at their headquarters.

Police say in total, 57 people were killed. While that number is 57 more than it should be, it can be noted, that this is the first time the total number of homicides has dropped in five years.

CMPD originally provided the number of homicides as 58, but they later made a correction because one death was incorrectly counted as a homicide. That case is currently an open death investigation, but not classified as a homicide.

The number has climbed yearly, with 44 in 2014, 60 in 2015, 68 in 2016, and a big jump to 85 in 2017. However, the total is now down again, to 57.

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