Car slams into popular Plaza Midwood tattoo studio for the second time

Tattoo parlor plowed into again

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A driver slammed into a tattoo studio along Central Avenue early Monday morning, damaging the front of the building.

According to police, the driver hit the Seventh Sin Tattoo Company before 5 a.m. and then ran from the area.

On Monday, the co-owner and some friends worked to clean up the mess left behind. The car ran through the front of the building leaving brick, glass, and dust all over the floor.

“The car smashed through the studio this morning,” said Zack Decker, the co-owner of Seventh Sin. “Charlotte is growing, and I think this is an unintended consequence. This road was never made to handle this type of traffic.”

No one was injured in the crash, but this is the second time the business has been hit by a car in the past 4 years. A similar crash happened last year.

“It is becoming a yearly tradition around here,” said Decker. “Concrete bollards are the answer, maybe a moat if we have the budget.”

Despite the mess, Decker is keeping his sense of humor.

“We were trying out our drive through tattoos. It was probably the last one we do. Not very successful,” said Decker. “You can’t keep us down, you have to smile and get through it. You have the choice to lay down and die or pitter patter, lets get at her. That is what we do.”

The company is looking at options to protect the business that sits on Central at 10th Street.

“It is easy to be calm in the easy moments, but I have people that count on me. This is where it counts, right here,” said Decker. “My message to drivers is please stop hitting my business with your cars. That would be best for me.”

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