Dream On 3: 2018

Year Ender Dream on 3

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Dream On 3 is a charity that started six years ago and is seeing wild success in helping children. Its goal is to make SPORTS dreams come true for kids with uphill battles.

There is no cap on what can be spent. No limit to what a child can dream up. No family ever pays one penny. WBTV is honored to be the TV station who tells all these awesome stories.

Anchor Molly Grantham has been volunteering for the organization for five years.

Here now, a look back at what 2018 has held.

She has brought us the story of 12-year-old Tre Kirton from Charlotte, who went to New York to see the Yankees. And Kurt Cherry, also in Charlotte, who lives with autism and loves Alabama football. He had a VIP trip to chant “Roll, Tide, Roll” all weekend. Then Ikym Hall, a Concord 16-year-old. We saw him get flown to Pittsburgh to be on the sideline for the Steelers, and meet Antonio Brown.

Sometimes kids are surprised in their classroom. Sometimes in front of their whole school, with a thousand friends.

Reaction is always sincere joy and sometimes, disbelief.

This year the base Charlotte headquarters – the founding chapter – has made 29 dreams come true for kids in 2018. That’s the most ever in its six years of existence.

Whether it’s NFL like Chester County's Christian Wylie, getting into an NHL meet-and-greet like Sam Harmon or being obsessed with Olympian swimmer, Katie Ladecky (Dream Kid Harper just got back from meeting her), the truth is it’s special to see these kids light up the way they do

But as anyone who is around kids facing medical battles knows, stories don't always end the way you want.

Like Dream Kid, Jordan Brigman. Soon after meeting Coach Roy Williams and being sent to a UNC-Chapel Hill game, Jordan’s cancer got the best of him. The sad reality, that’s even now hard to say, is Jordan died.

Which is why Dream On 3 says it’s committed to making memories while kids still can, even if they’re elaborate and sometimes wild as the imagination allows.

The charity says in ten years it hopes to be in ten major cities throughout the U-S. Charlotte was first.. there are now chapters in Atlanta and just announced last week, Washington DC.

Dream On 3 finds its kids locally through 9 different referral partners. They include all local hospitals, and through Molly and #MollysKids.

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