New ban on bump stocks to require owners to return product in 90 days

Bump stock ban

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - West Charlotte gun shop owner Larry Hyatt says the gun accessories called bump stocks soared in price from $200 to $300, to as much as $800.

“All the notoriety and the publicity caused the price to go up,” he says. “Some people even bought them as an investment.”

But that investment could now cost buyers jail time. Federal regulation came down Tuesday - a ban on bump stocks, more than a year after someone used them to fire rounds into a Las Vegas concert crowd, killing 58 people.

Anyone who has a bump stock now will have 90 days to return it, or destroy it.

The team at Hyatt’s Gun Shop destroys guns in house. They follow federal regulations to do it.

“They’ll probably come out with some on these too,” Hyatt says.

The ban is good news to groups like North Carolinians against Gun Violence…which calls it “a first step and one that Congress should have taken long ago,” and calls for more regulations like universal background checks.

Hyatt says he wonders how many bump stock owners will turn them over.

“It’s easy for people who don’t own one to say ban it,” he says. “But if you own one and it’s worth $800, you might not be so keen on turning it in for no compensation.”

Hyatt says gun shops don’t keep records on bump stocks, since they’re considered accessories. It’ll be up to owners to get rid of them.

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