Breaking down the 5 keys to good health in men

Good Question: Looking at the 5 Keys to Men's Health

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – If the men in your life are anything like the ones in my mine – my husband, brother and father – it can be a challenge to get them to go to the doctor regularly. Men typically only go if something is wrong. It’s a mindset doctors say needs to change.

Novant Health family physician Dr. Jason Boothe put it this way: “It's almost like going to a mechanic. If my car is fine - if I'm changing my own oil and rotating my own tires, why do I need to see a mechanic? It's the same thing with coming in to a physician. If I feel fine, why do I need to come in? And so, we've got to try to train that out of men somehow.”

It's also why Dr Boothe said the encouragement men get for the women in their lives is important and should continue. “So don't get frustrated in your encouragement,” he said. “Continue to encourage and continue to drop little signs or make appointments for them and say, hey you're appointment is set - you're going in.”

The five keys to good health are relatively simple: have regular check-ups, watch your alcohol intake, quit smoking, eat better and make sure you’re being more active.

For more on these, watch my segment above from On Your Side Tonight with Jamie Boll.

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