Forever Family - Meet Makiyah!

Forever Family- Makiyah
Forever Family- Makiyah(Source: WBTV-Eric Thomas)
Updated: Dec. 18, 2018 at 9:46 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - “Because I get to sit over there by the newscasters,” That was how Makiyah sheepishly responded to Ashley McKinley, one of the Forever Family Coordinators, when asked why she was smiling so big after her interview with our Forever Family crew. She tilted her head slightly, looked down at her feet, fidgeted and became almost bashful. Then she quietly took her plate and went over and sat next to our TV crew, awestruck.

She started asking us any question that to popped in her head, “Will you hand me a cookie?” “What drink do you have?” “Can we go look at the animals after we eat?”

Makiyah is a little girl who craves and desires attention and love. She wants someone to look at her with the same excitement she displayed when she looked at our news crew that day. This 10 year old girl looks at the world through rose tinted glasses despite every reason she has been given to be pessimistic. She has a sparkle in her eyes because she appreciates the wonder and the hope found in the everyday aspects of life going on around her.

She loves to be surrounded by people and them listening to her. You will truly see Makiyah come alive when people take the time to give her their undivided attention and appreciate all the beautiful qualities she possesses. Makiyah thrives off of words of affirmation and soaks up love, generosity and encouragement from others. Nothing makes this young girl more proud than hearing from an adult that she has done a great job.

She was constantly asking our crew questions about themselves, but would become quiet and evasive when she was asked her about herself. Our sweet Makiyah does not need to come home to a perfect mom with cookies made from scratch in a spotless house, while she sits distraction-free to help her with homework. More than anything Makiyah wants to come home from school and have a mom who simply asks, “how was your day at school?” Makiyah wants to have a mom of her own that will always be there to encourage her and to tell her that she is proud of her. Knowing that this is the same person that will always be there when she comes home from school is enough for her. It is as simple as that – she deserves a mom that shows up, a mom that’s forever, a mom when asked why she chose to adopt will say, “because I get to sit over there by Makiyah.”

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