Molly’s Kids: Jayden Burris lives with Albinism. Never heard of it? Read on

Molly’s Kids: Jayden Burris lives with Albinism. Never heard of it? Read on
(Photo courtesy family) (Source: Family)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Jayden Burris is a Charlotte 4-year-old and the newest one of our amazing #MollysKids.

He lives with Albanism, which means he lacks pigmentation in his skin, hair and eyes. It has also left him legally blind with 20/200 vision in both of his eyes.

“Living with Albinism affects him in many different ways,” says his mom Shayla Alexander. “He can’t see the detailed print of things that everyone else can see. Often times he’ll trip over stuff, especially our small dog that is white.”

As you might imagine, he sunburns easily and his eyes are very sensitive to light.

There is no cure for Albinism. It's just a thing Jayden will live with the rest of his life.

“He’s a great kid,” Shayla said. “He greets everyone he comes across and is full of life. Jayden loves to dance, play on his tablet and meet new friends. He goes to school and with help from his family, is staying on track.”

Shayla is clearly a proud mother. She ended her email with three hashtags:




Educate others. Spread the word.

Welcome, Jayden. We’re thrilled get to know you and hopefully continue to hear more.


**Editor’s note: This is about one of #MollysKids, children WBTV Anchor Molly Grantham follows closely on her Facebook page. It was first published there, which is why it’s written in a personal way. For years Molly has followed hundreds of kids with uphill medical battles. Find this story and updates on all #MollysKids here.

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