Should students learn more ‘Adulting’ basics in the classroom? One NC rep. says yes

State leader wants 'Adulting Day' classes

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A story about a school in Kentucky offering an ‘Adulting Day’ has blown up on social media with parents on both sides of the table.

The High School class learned basics like how to cook, change a tire, balance a checkbook, and pay bills.

North Carolina State Representative Chaz Beasley took to twitter to applaud to the Kentucky school’s effort and believes there should be more of that in North Carolina.

“I don’t think it should be a once a year thing. I think we should try and do it every year. I think our state’s curriculum should focus on the things that our kids will need as real-world adults,” said Beasley.

Last year, Beasley passed a bill that created more financial literacy course in the classrooms.

“A lot of the students are about to make a lot of financial decisions. Decisions about financial aide. A lot of them will soon have financial loans and debt,” said Beasley. “In our county we have a lot of private organizations that are coming into our schools or providing after school programs to give attention to financial literacy in particular.”

Jesse and Hannah Mcentire are new parents.

“I think there is an appreciation for things like cursive and poetry, but I think it probably best to have real world skills as well,” said Hannah Mcentire. “Basic car maintenance and for sure finances.”

Jesse Mcentire says he learned a lot of basics from his parents.

“I don’t always know if it is up to the school to teach everything. You only have a certain amount of time in the day,” said Jesse Mcentire.

However, his wife was quick to point out that, “We are not all blessed with parents that covered the basics.”

Representative Beasley says it is up to the state legislators to create laws that give students more access to these types of life skills.

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