Final exam question about race angers student, sparks university investigation

Final exam question about race sparks university investigation

LONG BEACH, CA (KCAL/CNN) - A final exam question is causing controversy at California State University at Long Beach.

One student was puzzled about the question on his test: “Which of the following gangs generally do the least graffiti? A. Black, B. Asian, C. Hispanic, D. White.”

The student posted a picture of the question on Twitter and wrote: “A taste of the kind of idiocy I’ve been dealing with in my health science education class. This is a question on my final exam.”

"When I tell you I hate my Thursday night class, this is why," he said.

The student came across the question in a take-home final exam for a health science class meant for those studying to become middle and high school teachers.

"I think it's inappropriate, I think that it doesn't make any sense why that should be a question on a test," said Patricia Ighodaro, a student.

The student reportedly said he doesn't remember going over anything about gangs in class and found the question offensive.

"If it's never been discussed, I'd be really curious why they thought that would be appropriate to put on a test,” said Rita Kandybina, another student. “Even if it was discussed, there's no statistics or number backing the question up."

"No, I'm not offended, just confused," said another student.

“We appreciate this situation being called to our attention and have begun an investigation. The campus takes these allegations seriously. We will provide additional information when we have reached a resolution,” a university spokesperson said in a statement.

So far, neither the student who posted the question nor the instructor of the class have made any comment about the situation.

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