This Santa will Facetime your kids

Facetime Santa

MONROE, NC (WBTV) - He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. And he knows when it might be a good time for a Facetime call.

“Over 1,800 years Santa Claus has been around,” this Monroe Santa says. “There has been lots of change.”

He sits at a festive Santa Claus bench and background within a Monroe home, changing the way he connects with kids this year. It’s all to match the way the world’s communication methods have changed.

“Santa Claus has to be able to grow with the modern technology,” he says.

He says it’s a good way to connect especially with children in hospitals, or with special needs.

“Sometimes we have autistic children that do not like loud sounds and noises,” he says. “The calls that go longer, and it’s okay.”

The video calls, which cost $25 each, also give Santa the chance to prepare for individual children.

“How things have been at school, what sports you’re playing,” he says. “And that way when you get the phone call from Santa Claus, Santa Claus knows everything that Santa Claus needs to know.”

He says he’s going to continue to adapt with the times…whatever the next 1,800 years may bring.

“If you want to continue to have the magic of Santa Claus, then Santa Claus is going to have to grow as well,” he says.

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