Massive sinkhole continues to grow in Denver

Sinkhole still plaguing residents

DENVER, NC (WBTV) - A massive sinkhole is making it difficult for some folks in Denver to get in and out of their neighborhood. WBTV’s Bria Bell first covered this situation back in November.

Orange cones mark the spot to the massive sinkhole that continues to grow.

Rain is expected to come later in the week which is a recipe for disaster when it comes to broken ground and freezing temperatures.

To stay safe on Hickory Creek Drive, a road that is clearly undriveable, folks now walk up and down a steep, icy hill to get to their cars in an area that sits past the sinkhole where there’s solid ground. The journey is a struggle for most.

County officials have no say in what happens as this is a private road. But officials have at least stepped in to build a bridge for paramedics to get to patients and for those who want to avoid the hill altogether.

Fire crews are not able to reach several homes on this street because of the sinkhole, so county leaders have also placed a fire truck with a supply of water near those houses just in case.

The weather has delayed any type of construction as its too dangerous for crews to be out working, but the people who live here are still gathering the money and material that’s needed so when it’s nicer outside, the project can continue.

There will be a meeting held on Friday where folks

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