Toledo mother, children claim to be ambushed by three people leaving Michael’s Crafts Monday afternoon

Toledo mother, children claim to be ambushed by three people leaving Michael’s Crafts Monday afternoon

TOLEDO (WTOL) - A mother’s nightmare almost became a reality Monday after she said she escaped an ambush by three people while walking out of Michael’s Crafts on Talmadge Road with her two babies.

“I was just getting a few items for my craft project, something I thought was completely innocent,” said Kayla Zeims.

It was then that the innocent trip turned scary.

“As I was walking to my car I heard someone say ma’am and I was just like, just ignore it. Get in the car and go,” she explained.

Ziems recalled a white man with dark hair, wearing an olive green jacket, glasses and hat is what she described as a concave face.

“I remember that one specifically because he was walking directly at me when I was getting in my car.”

She then said two more people popped up; a white man and woman.

The woman was described to have short, grey hair wearing a jacket and glasses arriving in a grey car.

“At that moment it was just like oh my gosh all three of these people are together. Whatever they have planned to do, these people are together.”

It was when all three people started to walk towards Zeims from multiple directions that she jumped into her car, locked the doors and took off, taking a risk with her four-year-old son to escape the potential danger.

“I don’t know how I thought so quickly but I was just like don’t buckle him in. Don’t buckle him in.”

The reason Ziems thinks she could’ve been target is every woman and mother’s worst nightmare.

“There is so much that you hear about sex trafficking and I’ve heard so many times that women and children are targeted and it’s scary to think that but that could’ve been the truth.”

Her advice for all moms out there is to be vigilant. Keep your head up. And your eyes open.

“I know it’s really hard when we have little children it’s really distracting but just keep your head up. Don’t have your face in your phone when you’re walking to your car. If you’re going to do that, wait until you get in your car and lock the door.”

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