Forever Family: Meet Elmer

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Published: Dec. 11, 2018 at 8:24 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This 10-year-old may have a voice that is meek and quiet, but his spirit and his love of family is anything but that. Elmer, the younger of the two boys is hoping to find a family that will let him stay with his brother forever.

When they arrived at the police department for filming, Elmer sat back quietly and watched in awe as the policemen moved about around him. His jaw would slightly drop all his front teeth would shine at you, much like his eyes that were filled with wonder. Whether it is because this young boy desires to be a policeman or simply because he loves to be around others he could not help but take in every sight around him.

I really enjoyed getting to know Elmer and talking to him. Elmer is a child who goes with the flow, he is happy to watch those around him and see their enjoyment in life. He adapts to his environment and soaks in the emotions of those around him until they become his own, from peace, to joy to giddy excitement. He was just as happy to watch his brother do something as he was to do it himself. He would sit and wait his turn to talk to the officer, but the second he was approached to get involved he jumped in with his whole heart.

You can tell Elmer does not need bells and whistles and a big production to feel special. He just needs his brother next to him and someone to listen to that still quiet voice inside him telling him to hope, telling him to be patient, telling him there is a mom out there waiting for him. I know that Elmer will fit beautifully into any family because he would flourish in the comfort of finally having permanency. I can see him sitting in the window of his bedroom lining up army men along the windowsill looking out at the foot of snow on the ground.

He strikes me as someone who likes playing quietly, looking up every so often to smile at his brother across his room while they wait for their parents to call them down for supper. Elmer is smiling because he is content, smiling because he is safe, smiling because he is home and there is nothing more fulfilling and joyful than the comfort of a home that’s his... a home that’s forever.

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