Volunteer group offers help to drivers stuck in the snow after winter storm

Group saves stranded motorists

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A group of volunteers in the counties west of Charlotte have banded together to offer help to members of the public who may have run into car trouble due to winter weather.

The group is called Tri-State 4X4 & Assistance, and it is comprised of truck and SUV owners. They have their own Facebook page where they take requests from drivers who may be stuck in the snow. If they can get to a citizen in need, they will use their own vehicles to tow them out of the snow.

David Berryhill, one of the volunteers, said he and his colleagues have helped dozens of people over the past few days.

“At least between 30 and 50. We’ve kind of lost count it’s been so busy,” said Berryhill.

His group helps all drivers free of charge as long as they sign a waiver before they are towed. Money has never been a concern, according to Berryhill.

“We know that some of the tow fees are extremely high. A lot of people can’t afford it. They’re in bad situations possibly. We help them out,” explained Berryhill.

Several volunteers have posted pictures of the cars they’ve towed on the group’s Facebook page. Kings Mountain resident Sabrina Reynolds said Tri-State helped her father after he got stuck in a ditch.

“He was gonna pay 180 dollars just to get towed,” Reynolds told WBTV.

She said her father was driving her Jeep and she feared it would be left on the side of the road. She’s grateful someone from Tri-State was able to help.

“I’m so thankful that y’all came and helped. I really am,” said Reynolds.

Berryhill said he and the other volunteers like to help out during storms. He said it makes them feel really good when they can help someone in need.

“We’re doing it out of the goodness of our hearts. It’s a volunteer-based organization,” said Berryhill.

The group operates in Gaston, Lincoln, Cleveland and Catawba counties. Berryhill said that anyone who wishes to contact the group for assistance should do so via their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/502709603268922/.

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