Local retail shops happy to be open and busy after snow storm

Stores make up for lost time in storm

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - The winter storm did a number on local businesses in several counties in the Charlotte area. Just two weeks before Christmas many were closed for at least two days since workers and shoppers couldn’t get on the roads.

At Stitchin’ Post Gifts in Salisbury...

“It’s been very busy," said Gina Pinyan. "We’ve had a lot of folks come in to shop for Christmas.”

That was also the case at the South Main Book Company, K-Dee’s Jewelers, Anna Craig, and many other local businesses in downtown Salisbury that were happy to open the doors on Tuesday.

Being closed for two days so close to Christmas was tough.

“Of course, it impacts, we aren’t able to have sales for two days," Pinyan said. "It looks like things are picking right up and we’re going right on.”

Dennis Lunsford at the Kitchen Store is hoping to bounce back. He had been having a great month until the storm hit.

“We were ahead of last year and it takes some of the momentum away, it’s, I don’t know that you ever really make it up, you just come in and do the best you can," Lunsford said. “We’ve got a lot of good stores down here and people need to take advantage of it.”

Merchants were happy to see the sun shine, and happy to welcome shoppers. For many, December can be a make or break month, so they run sales and other promotions…but all of that depends on getting good weather.

And with school still out, they say that makes it even better.

“It’s been neat to see parents coming in with their kids. School is closed today, but parents have been coming in shopping with their children." Pinyan said.

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