Charlotte crews cautious of overnight ice during effort to clear downed trees

Tree crews work to clean up the area following the winter storm

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - In addition to black ice, another weather-related concern for the Mecklenburg County are is downed trees.

The city of Charlotte says within its limits, the only tree that is still blocking a roadway is one on the 8500 block of Harrisburg Road. But some of the crews working to make that true, say people should still keep an eye out for others that could end up like it.

“Thank the Lord that everybody was okay,” Doris Hall says, after a tree fell in her front yard.

Hers was one of the last the Schneider’s Tree Care team got to Monday. It was a jam-packed day for the crew on call.

“[The city] started giving us different dispatches for different right of way blockages,” Joshua Milbourne says.

The city says its landscape management team got 187 storm-related calls for service.

The Schneider’s group was contracted by the city before the weekend to clear limbs out of the roads, and workers fought Monday night against sun-down and overnight ice.

“It something we’re concerned about,” Milbourne says. “Our guys being safe getting home, but then also getting out tomorrow to kind of pick up the pieces for the rest of the storm.”

Ice is always more of a threat to topple trees than snow. It clings to leaves to take them down. That’s why Milbourne says people should be watching trees like evergreens and magnolias.

“They’re going to be more susceptible to failure, because more weight is gathering on more surface area,” he says.

His crew says the private jobs they’re getting from this one storm will be work for months.

“Storms come, they always do,” he says. “So keeping your trees healthy is the best thing you can do to prepare for a storm.”

“You never know,” Hall says. “Just got to stay prayed up and believe that God is going to keep all of us safe.”

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