Winter storm departing but black ice issues remain

Winter storm departing but black ice issues remain

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The storm which brought huge snow totals to parts of the WBTV viewing area is finally starting to depart. Other than a flurry or a few sprinkles, it is time to say good-bye!

So, what’s next? Black ice. We know the drill. Today has been above freezing all across the area. That means lots of melting has taken place. Tonight, temperatures will fall to the mid-20s. First of all, be prepared for the cold. It hasn’t been that cold through the whole storm. Second, be prepared to encounter black ice. Anything that melts during the day will freeze tonight. That affects roads and sidewalks and could cause a slippery commute to work.

The rest of the day will be fine. We will make it back above freezing. Highs will reach the upper 40s to low 50s for the next three days. The cycle will continue until all of the snow has melted where you are. Black ice will be an issue until it is all gone.

Friday will bring the arrival of the next storm. It will be a rain maker. The problem will be the potential for heavy rain and therefore flooding when that rain is added to the melted snow.

Be safe!

Meteorologist Leigh Brock

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