Winter storm damages marinas around Lake Norman

Heavy snow causes marinas to collapse

LAKE NORMAN, NC (WBTV) - Several local marinas were heavily damaged by the winter storm that rolled through the Carolinas this weekend.

Dozens of boats were crushed under collapsed docks at Midway Marina, Bill’s Marina, and SaltShaker Marina.

According to firefighter’s, the weight of the snow mixed with the ice caused portions of the docks to crumble.

“It is a shame that we got the amount of snow that we got, but it was heavy and the rain on top of the snow just made it worse,” said Mark Lancaster, the manager at Midway Marina. “It is not good. We are not happy about it but we just got to get moving and move forward.”

Lancaster says that they will have to bring in barges in to remove the roof before they can assess the damage.

“It is not good. We are not happy about it but we just got to get moving and move forward,” said Lancaster.

The Boat Dock Grill will remain open.

Several boat owners came out on Monday to try and see what was left of their boat.

“I can’t even see the boat. It is totally buried under the roof,” said Marge Reinhold, who owns a boat that was crushed. “It makes me sick. You look at it and the whole dock is flat.”

Firefighters say there is no threat of a fuel spill into Lake Norman. They will have crews checking on it until repairs are made.

At Bill’s Marina, several boats were crushed when part of the marina collapsed.

"It is still floating but that is about all we know,” said Jeff Hustead, who owned a boat that was crushed at Bill’s Marina. “It was convenient having it here at the marina. We just had a run of bad luck.”

The boat owners say they will have to get their insurance companies with the different marina’s insurance companies to figure out who will pay what.

“I guess if it is floating I am happy about that,” said Hustead.

There was also a collapse at SaltShaker marine in Mooresville. Repairs were being made Monday but the owner did not want to comment.

No injuries were reported in any of the instances.

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