Secondary roads a concern for Lincoln County drivers following winter storm

Secondary roads a concern for Lincoln County drivers following winter storm
(Source: Alex Giles)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -Many of the main roads and highways in Lincoln County had been cleared of snow and ice by Monday afternoon. Trooper Chris Cline with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol said conditions had improved since snow started falling in the area early Sunday. He snapped a picture of Highway 321 after precipitation had coated the road with snow. In just 24 hours the road was mostly clear.

“For the most part yesterday, all of yesterday, all the back roads were snow-covered, ice-covered,” said Cline.

He said that he and his colleagues were called out to help stranded drivers and to investigate winter weather crashes, but overall they avoided major issues. He thinks the storm’s timing helped cut down on traffic volume.

“That helped us out. No work, no school. I know a lot of churches canceled services for the day,” elaborated Cline.

The highway patrolman also credited those who forecasted the storm with providing everyone advanced notice that winter weather was coming.

“We had well enough advance notice from all the weather stations, all the news stations,” said Cline.

Many drivers were out and about Monday afternoon. Several people stopped by one of the local post offices and acknowledged that some roads are in better condition than others.

“It’s usually pretty bad up there. Yesterday we had like three or four cars stuck trying to get up a hill,” said Lincoln County resident Scott Jarvis.

Jarvis said he lives in the Pumpkin Center neighborhood.

“(It was) completely snow-covered in our area. Highway 16 was pretty clear but our street was pretty bad,” said a resident of the eastern part of the county.

Cline warns that drivers should be on the lookout for black ice Monday night as some melted snow starts to refreeze.

“Unless there’s an immediate emergency, and you absolutely have to get out, just stay at home. That’s the best advice I can give.”

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