Hickory battles slushy side roads ahead of Monday work day

Hickory battles slushy side roads ahead of Monday work day

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - Jamie Velasquez and his wife Patricia shovel, and shovel.

“Plows pass, and they clean the main streets, but they don’t consider neighbors that need to get out of the house,” he says.

They shovel to try to reach the short distance from the main road, to the front door.

“I can’t bring my car in,” he says.

Velasquez says he’d like to heed the warnings and stay in, but work Monday is mandatory.

“They work 24 hours, 365 days a year, so we don’t have a choice,” he says.

Others with a simpler quest for some snow day refreshments decide to trek on foot.

“We’re trapped in,” Shameka Owens says. “Couldn’t get out with the car.”

Private plows across the area work late into the night, trying to free more businesses to open in the coming hours.

But some others who’ve ventured out on four wheels, aren’t having much luck – like a woman off North Center Street, one of several needing a push Sunday.

“All the neighbors came out to push the other neighbor,” Viola Carey says.

Carey and a few other helpers gave it a go for 30 minutes, until the driver was finally free.

But for her car…well, that’ll wait until morning.

“My car’s stuck, right behind me,” she says. “So I’ll probably not be going anywhere.”

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