CMS deals with winter weather

CMS operating on two-hour delay Tuesday

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) leaders were busy Monday making sure schools will be ready for class Tuesday morning.

Students and staff will head back on a two-hour delay Tuesday. A winter storm forced the district to close Monday.

Sunday, CMS said about 40 schools were without power. Monday evening that number dropped. CMS says Duke Energy was restoring power to four schools.

CMS expects all schools to be back up and running by Tuesday morning.

The district will soon tackle what to do with missed days. CMS built five make up days into its calendar but says they have exceeded that number. Monday was CMS' sixth snow day. The district will figure out if it will add more make up days or see if the state will waive any. Parents are concerned because winter hasn’t officially started yet.

"January is always a tough month," CMS Parent Jennifer Swingle said. "So I am sure there is more to come."

Swingle believes CMS can fix the problem easily.

"We need more days," Swingle said. "We know that every year we exceed the number of days and then it becomes a constant change of not knowing how to plan."

Swingle is concerned if CMS adds on extra make up days at the last minute, it will be hard for family to plan activities. CMS leaders say they will announce the make-up days soon.

The district is also asking everybody to be patient and extra careful returning to school Tuesday. The storm didn’t impact all campuses the same way.

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