Winter Storm Warning still in effect for most of WBTV viewing area

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Winter Storm Warning remains in effect for most of the WBTV viewing area through 12pm Monday.

Our winter storm continues to bring snow to many in the WBTV viewing area.

The mountains have seen snow for several hours now and it is beginning to pile up.

Make sure you let us know what’s going on at your house. You can upload pictures on the app or use #SnoWBTV on social media.

The mountains are looking at an all snow event.

For the rest of us, warm air is trying to mix in above the surface, especially to the south.

While you may see periods of snow, there will also be periods of sleet and freezing rain. Basically, just making a mess!

The temperatures above the earth’s surface will greatly affect what kind of precipitation we see here at the surface. The type of precipitation will in turn affect the final amounts. There is a lot of room for error due to temperatures not only at the surface but also above the surface.

Here’s what I want to caution you on. You might look at the snowfall total map and see that you’re in the 1-4” range. When you look at the big picture and see that the mountains could get 12-20”, why worry about just a few inches? No big deal, right? Wrong! The less snow you get, the more ICE you could potentially get. I know, when you compare the possibility of more than a foot of snow, then you look at the freezing rain forecast map and the output is measured in tenths of an inch, it’s hard to wrap your brain around how that could compare. Well, just about a quarter inch of ice can cause slippery roads and sidewalks and can even start to take down trees and power lines. If you find yourself sitting in the dark due to just a little ice, you will no longer be saying, well, at least we aren’t getting it as bad as Boone!

SO, even though it can be hard to pin down actual accumulations, here’s what you need to know. Roads have the potential to be hazardous for the entire WBTV viewing area. Ice and snow have the possibility of taking down trees and powerlines – which could leave you in the cold and darkness.

Whatever snow accumulation zone you’re in, make sure you make preparations tonight.

The bottom line is that roads are likely to be messy all night and into Sunday – even though they may be messy for different reasons, ranging from snow to freezing rain.

Winter Storm Forecast: 11pm

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