Bread and milk flying off the shelves in the NC foothills

Preps underway across NC, SC ahead of winter storm

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - From weather preparations to grocery stores, the preparations are on.

The snow isn’t here yet, but there’s already salt on some of the roads. A director for Hickory’s Public Service Department believes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“McDonald Parkway, 127, Highway 321 ... L.R. Blvd .... some of the large hills in town will have been treated by the end of the day,” said Steve Miller a Public Service Director for the city of Hickory.

City workers, NCDOT crews, and the guys from Duke Energy will be working together to get through this storm. For instance, in a case where power lines are down, plow truck drivers will be told by electricians if its safe enough to continue plowing in said area.

"Our crews are prepared and we’ll be here non-stop until the event’s over,“ Miller said.

Residents are getting ready too. Anytime snow predictions start rolling in, for grocery shoppers, the milk and bread are usually the first to go.

Susan Lee said she was stocking up on those goods specifically to keep herself busy. "We live up on the side of a mountain and if I planned to be cooped up for a while I’m going to do some baking for the holidays,” Lee said.

Curb side service comes in handy when there’s a lot of people fumbling through the isles or when it’s colder than one would like. No matter how you decide to pick up your groceries, it might be a wise idea to make a list of what you need.

“This is the third trip probably since we’ve gotten the news so this is the top off to make sure we just got a little bit of everything covered...a little junk food, we’ve got the basics, so I just want to make sure we’re good to go,” said Lakeisha Johnson who was also preparing for this weekend’s snow storm.

Residents in the Foothills stock up, brace for snow storm

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