Duke Energy, tree companies preparing for winter weather in Charlotte

Charlotte metro prepares for potential snow

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Winter weather is in the forecast for this weekend, and that means people across the city of Charlotte are taking precautions to make sure they are prepared.

Schneider Treecare has been flooded with phone calls over the past couple of days.

Arborist Steve Davis says now is the time to call a sales arborist to check out your trees before it is too late.

Sales arborists give free inspections, and they’ll put your trees on a program to be monitored.

He said to check for root rot by looking for mushrooms near the base of the tree, and to make sure you don’t have any drainage issues in your yard.

The first thing they’re doing to prepare your trees for the storm is to the thin the canopy and lighten the load.

“Ice is probably your biggest threat, and weak crotches on the trees. When you have the combination of the two it tends to build up weight and they snap over," Davis said. “If the roots are failing from root rot then they all the way fall over.”

He also recommends a few things you can do after the storm, like knock ice of your shrubs and branches.

Meanwhile, Duke Energy is bracing for potential power outages brought on by the storm.

They have a team of meteorologists monitoring the weather so that they know what they can expect.

Right now they're checking equipment and supplies like power poles, lines and transformers.

They’re also notifying crews to be ready for anything.

“We have all of our crews in the Carolinas on deck ready for the winter storm and we always have the option to bring in crews from our Florida and Midwest territories, so that’s an option that we have and as we move closer to the storm’s impact we will determine whether we will move them in," Duke Energy spokesperson Meghan Miles said.

They urge customers to have emergency kits ready with non-perishable food and water if they do experience a power outage.

They also say you can report your outages by texting OUT to 5701, calling 1-800-POWER-ON or visiting www.duke-energy.com.

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