Winter health myths: What’s fact and what’s fake?

Winter Health Myths: Fake or Fact?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - As we head in the colder months, we spend more time inside and let’s face more of us get sick during this time of year. Whether it’s something your mom - or grandmother has told you since childhood, something a friend said or maybe you even read it online.

What's actually true? I set out to debunk several common winter health myths. For example the notion that allergies go away this time of year. When we think of allergies, we think about being allergic to pollen or ragweed or other things out door.

But many DO have allergies in the winter and it's because all of the time spent indoors. Dr. Genevieve Brauning with Novant Health says they can actually be pretty intense because of all the time we spend in doors. “Dust and mite allergies are so common and when you're inside all the time and the dry air from the heat, people can have a lot of allergies,” she said. :There are many people in this area who have to use allergy medicine throughout the winter or *only* in the winter because they're sensitive to indoor allergens

Another common winter health myth? You don’t need to wear sunscreen in the wintertime. Dr. Brauning said that’s a myth and that you still need to protect your skin this time of year.

“You know sun is reflecting, especially off of snow and sidewalks.,” she said. “You know, less of our body is exposed so I don't think you need sunscreen on covered areas - but your face, your hands definitely can get more sun and maybe even sometimes more sun than they would get the rest of the year because of the reflection.”

There are five other common winter health myths that I asked Dr. Brauning about. Watch the video above to see how she helped separate fact from fake.

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