Meet Hezy, this week’s Forever Family Child

Meet Hezy
Meet Hezy(Source: WBTV-Eric Thomas)
Published: Dec. 4, 2018 at 8:10 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - From the moment we met 12 year old Hezy, we knew that our day was going to be full of nonstop talking. As we waited to film his interview we sat and asked Hezy if we could get him a sandwich for lunch. Leave it up to this enthusiastic preteen to give the crew a full monologue about his favorite foods, when he likes to cook, what he packs in his lunch and his thoughts on various restaurants and cooking techniques.

Hezy had our crew laughing and joking the whole day of filming. He enjoyed sharing who he was, what he thought and what he was passionate about with anyone who would listen. I thought about how rare and unique that is to find in a boy his age. Teens and adults alike are afraid to be who they are and talk about the things that they care about because it’s easy to be consumed with fear and insecurities. Hezy does not have a shy or insecure bone in his body. This unique young man is articulate, motivated and always willing to try new things. Even in new adventures his confidence takes over and Hezy dives in with his whole heart.

Hezy’s attributes this lack of fear to his faith and his desire to be a pastor some day. He loves the Lord and wants to use his confidence, his extroverted personality and his love of the bible to pursue a vocation where he gets to extrapolate and explain verses in the bible with a fresh perspective. If Hezy is not the one talking, which is rare, you can find him chuckling, shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head and following up with a comment or opinion. You never have to worry about awkward silence, or feeling nervous because Hezy will demonstrate interest in any topic you share with him.

I can see him sitting at the dinner table while he dives into anything his mom prepared, telling her cooking techniques he has always wanted to try, while his mom places her hand on his and softly chuckles. I picture him at that same table, surrounded by his forever family while Hezy tries to recount a comical story from a day in school and at the end of it while everyone laughs, his dad comments, “Oh son, there is never a dull moment with you.”

This twelve year old boy deserves to have a family to love, a family to share and most of all for Hezy, a family to listen.

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