Faith leaders pray for Sheriff Elect Garry McFadden

McFadden's swearing in pushed back

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Ministers from various churches prayed for Mecklenburg County Sheriff-Elect Garry McFadden on Monday. They prayed for strength and guidance during a brunch with faith leaders.

"I think it gives him confidence," Elevation Uptown Pastor Terry Bruce said. "Because as you take bold steps as a leader to know that people are behind you and backing you is everything."

McFadden says this past week he has been through hell trying to become sheriff. He had to reschedule his swearing in ceremony because Mecklenburg County commissioners had to first vote on McFadden's bonding.

"My faith was already alright," Sheriff Elect Garry McFadden said. "When I started to take this job, but it got tested, tested, tested to this very second."

McFadden says no one told him about how this process had to be followed. He argues that wasn’t the case when other Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s took office.

"Just so happen every other Sheriff violated that law except Garry," McFadden said. "So somehow somebody caught that."

Mecklenburg county commissioners are now asking how did this happen. They plan to bring this up and hopefully get some answers at their Tuesday night meeting. Mecklenburg County Manager Dena Diorio sent this email to commissioners describing what the breakdown.

"The County has always followed the same process," Mecklenburg County Manager Dena Diorio said. "We just learned yesterday that the process we were using was incorrect. We found out about the problem from the Sheriff’s Office."

Ministers told McFadden this type of resistance is to be expected.

"Anytime you are making that transition," Elevation Uptown Campus Pastor Terry Bruce said. "You should expect attack, and so I know exactly how he feels. I have taken steps in my own faith - you feel like everything is falling apart and I think that is designed to make you misstep - designed to doubt the confidence that God has given him - so I totally understand where he is coming from and that is an indication that this is the right move."

Some of the pushback could be because of McFadden's stance on 287g. That program allows county jails to detain illegals. McFadden's platform was to get rid of the program. That thought pleases people in the Latino community.

"For the first time in 12 years," Comunidad Colectiva Stefania Arteaga said. "We are seeing a Sheriff that is listening to the needs of the Latino community."

Arteaga believes no matter the setback, McFadden will fulfill his campaign promise.

"The Sheriff is pretty straight on his views on how to make sure he is going to strengthen relationships in the community," Arteaga said. "And as you notice here he has a whole community who will support him."

McFadden’s will be sworn in Tuesday night at 7:30 at First Presbyterian Church. Sheriff Irwin Carmichael will remain as Sheriff until McFadden is sworn in.

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