No bond for man charged with 2017 killing of East Meck HS student athlete

Bond denied for man in teen's murder

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Carlos Olguin has been in jail without bond for about 644 days. Thursday afternoon, he asked a judge to set a bond so he could try to get out.

Prosecutors with the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s office didn’t think Olguin deserved bond.

“The state does believe the defendant is a danger to the community,” the prosecutor said.

Olguin has been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly shooting and killing Chris Allen, an East Mecklenburg High School student athlete.

Investigators say the fatal shooting happened in February 2017 when Allen and Olguin were among several people at a house party in Charlotte, where prosecutors say there was alcohol and marijuana.

“And sometime during the evening Chris Allen had a black bag that contained some marijuana and other paraphernalia that he laid down somewhere at the house while there at the house. At some point he realized his bag was missing and begins to ask other individuals at the party of they had seen his bag" said prosecutors.

They say Allen exchanged words with some of the people at the party and altercation and fights broke out. One happened in the kitchen.

The Assistant District Attorney told the judge that "The defendant who is also in the kitchen with a .380 caliber handgun fires at least six rounds, four of which hit Chris."

Allen died later at the hospital.

Police say Olguin left the house but was arrested days later. Prosecutors say the gun was found on a greenway not far from the house where the shooting happened.

The state says Olguin’s prior arrest record, and the fact he’s facing life in prison, if convicted, make him a flight risk. They asked the judge to continue no bond.

The defense attorney said “we do not believe he is a danger to anyone in the community" or a flight risk.

Olguin’s lawyer said his client saw the victim beating a friend

“He started beating Luke and he just wouldn't stop,” the attorney told the judge. “Out of fear, he was shot and unfortunately killed."

When the judge decided Olguin would get no bond, the victim's family and friends let out a sigh.

"I think it was definitely a sigh of relief. I think it was a flight risk and we all want to see him stand trial and face punishment for the awful deed that he done,” said Will Payton.

Payton, who says he was friends with the victim since they were young boys, was one of many relatives and friends who filled two rows in the courtroom for the bond hearing.

“Chris was a good guy. He had a heart of gold, never wanted harm to anybody. He was the first to crack a laugh. First to help,” said Payton. “That the defense would have anything to say negative about him is just baffling to me. I’ve always known Chris to be the life of anything.”

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