Forever Family: Meet Ethan

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Published: Nov. 28, 2018 at 11:05 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Ok, be honest - how many of you have watched the classic movie, “A Christmas Story,” probably dozens of times? Like you, I couldn’t stop watching Ralphie, the adorable 9-year boy who couldn’t stop dreaming of a Red Ryder Range 200 Shot BB gun for Christmas!

If you fell in love with him, allow me to introduce you to Ethan! Yes, Ethan will remind you of Ralphie, but Ethan is even more adorable if you can believe it. I spent a wonderful afternoon with him at the Science Museum in Raleigh recently. You cannot help but chuckle softly to yourself as you watched Ethan’s blue eyes widen in amazement as he looked around the place.

This enchanting 7-year-old boy has a multitude of facial expressions that will captivate you as much as a 3D movie on the big screen. And before I get off the subject of “A Christmas Story,” one more point: When you hear him laugh, instead of Ralphie, now I’m reminded of his kid brother, Randy, in that film during the scene where he dives in to his plate of mashed potatoes and cackling at his own silliness.

Like those characters in the film, Ethan had everyone engaged and watching his every move. Whether we were staring in awe at his many animated expressions, tilting our head with a soft smile as we watched him hug his big sister or trying to contain our laughter during his interview segment, there was something about this little boy that had us all waiting to see what he would do or say next.

His quick energetic movements made you think he had electricity running from his toes all the way up to his hair that was sticking straight up on his head. Our professional hair and make-up artist tried to delicately broach the topic of make up with a seven year old boy she assumed like the many others in the past he would be reluctant. But before she could even finish explaining that it was only a little powder, he sat down in one quick motion and said “will you do my hair cool too?”

Ethan sees the world in all its vibrant colors and will no doubt find the wonderful possibilities life has to offer, including a mom and a dad of his very own! I can see this little boy sliding down the banister of the stairs on Christmas morning darting towards the tree, eyes glimmering with glee as he opens a present and smiles at his mom and dad.

The smile is not simply because of the possibility of a wrapped box that may contain a “red ryder BB gun” instead Ethan’s smile will be beaming because the greatest gift of all is right in front of him, the ability to finally be able to say once and for all “I’m HOME!”

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