Crime Stoppers: Woman pepper sprayed at Charlotte ATM

Crime Stoppers: Woman pepper sprayed at ATM, suspect wanted

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A woman was attacked by a man with pepper spray at a Charlotte ATM.

From surveillance cameras at the Bank of America ATM at Harris and The Plaza, a female customer was wearing sunglasses last June. It's a good thing she was and here's why.

As she keyed in her card to withdraw $40, over her shoulder, she notices a man creeping closer.

“He actually approached as if he was waiting on her to finish her transaction,” said CMPD Detective Brandon Miller.

At the very instant she reached for her cash, he hit her in the face with pepper spray, then grabbed her money and ran to his car. The woman’s sunglasses deflected much of the burning spray. It didn’t stop her from trying to get her cash back.

“She actually fought back, she met him at the vehicle and grabbed on him but our victim actually fell. Other than her face burning, she got minor scratches and bruises.”

And because she was able to scratch him, police obtained evidence.

“We got DNA, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to actually identify this guy.”

While police believe the crook was aged anywhere from 50 to 60 and possibly early 70′s, they were able to identify his car.

"We’re looking at anywhere from 50 to 60, maybe as old as early 70s. It’s an older Cadillac, it’s got some body damage on it, so it’s surprising we haven’t found it which leads us to believe this guy may not be in Charlotte anymore.”

Police also say this man same may be connected to a couple of thefts from a Home Depot earlier this year.

He has not been spotted since June, but if you know his car or know who he is, call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 and earn some Christmas reward cash.

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