Charlotte woman fears former roommate left a “hit list”

Woman concerned she may be on hit list

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When Alix McGovern and her fiancée asked a temporary roommate to leave, they say they found a hand-written list of names among his belongings.

“It makes us really fearful, and every time we try to talk to the police they really have no info for us,” she says.

Each name is each marked with boxes, question marks, check marks, and other symbols.

“After we talked to the cops, they had me check my house for cameras and things like that, and it got me really scared,” McGovern says.

She says many of the names on the paper link back to a Facebook post someone made about the man.

“Mean things about him like oh, this guy’s so creepy,” she says. “Every single person I’ve talked to seems to have either liked, shared, or commented on the post.”

She also found something of his in her apartment with his name on it, and it was a different name than he’d originally told her.

“I Googled the name and found mugshots,” she says. “Like 16 pages worth of criminal records.”

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police took a report, and say they are taking it seriously and investigating. WBTV is not including the man’s name because although police are investigating, the man has not been accused of committing a crime.

Officers say it’s a difficult case.

In a statement CMPD sent Wednesday night they told WBTV in part:

“Nothing on the paper is actually stating that the suspect intended to kill or harm anyone listed…the suspect has not been accused of any actual crimes at all at this point.”

They say they’re not discounting this group’s concern, and continuing to look into it.

McGovern and her friends say it leaves them struggling with how to move forward, while feeling like they’re targets.

“Every little bump freaks me out a little bit,” she says.

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