Gaston Co. community searches for answers after beloved horse shot dead

Family's horse randomly shot and killed

STANLEY, NC (WBTV) -A beloved horse was shot and left for dead, and now Gaston County authorities are looking for the person responsible - and they need your help.

Right now, a $2,000 reward is being offered to help find the shooter.

Cassie Dumas, who goes by the nickname Buckie, heard the 18 gunshots go off.

“It was really quick, we didn’t know how many. It was just like,’ Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.’”

She believes whoever had the audacity to come to Rusty Roots Ranch – a barn which centers itself around family, friends, horses – to do something so terrible to a defenseless animal is truly a coward in every way.

“It’s really a horrific idea. Truly, I can’t imagine what was going through somebody’s mind. This was 11:15 at night,” Dumas said.

The 4-year-old horse, Moonpie, was known for her beautiful dark brown hair and was very much admired by many in Stanley.

“Just very sweet. All the neighborhood people loved her. They’d walk through the neighborhood and they would go and give her apples," Dumas confirmed.

Moonpie’s owner who has been called a modern-day cowboy, loved all his animals dearly and had just moved Moonpie to the barn about four months ago.

“Not everybody would know that road, so I feel like it’s somebody at least in the area that knew that road was there.”

Gaston County police have very little information right now as they work the case, so folks from this community have rallied together to come up with reward money in the amount of $2,000 dollars for more tips that will hopefully lead to an arrest.

“Whoever did this - you know you can’t just do stuff like this," Dumas said. “This impacts everybody.”

There’s a Facebook group called Justice For Moonpie. The organizers behind the page say they are so thankful for the support and hope the suspect is caught so their minds can be at ease.

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