Charlotte residents respond to romaine lettuce warning

CDC recalls romaine lettuce

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - At least a few people outside of the Harris Teeter in the Park Road Shopping Center Tuesday night were aware of the nationwide warning regarding an E.coli outbreak that went out that afternoon. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked that members of the public refrain from eating any kind of romaine lettuce. The warning noted that consumers should avoid whole heads, hearts, and salad mixes that contain romaine until the agency finishes its investigation.

Charlotte resident Bryan McIntosh was making a return trip to the Harris Teeter Tuesday night. He said was returning the bag of romaine lettuce his wife had recently purchased.

“My first reaction is ‘how does that happen?’” explained McIntosh. “We haven’t really heard why that’s happening, so we’re just left to returning it and (we’ll) do without it.”

Another shopper, Brandon Byron, said he threw out a bag of romaine after hearing about the health alert.

“I went through my fridge because I had just come to this Harris Teeter actually, bought some greens for salads at home and realized I had some romaine that needed to be thrown away,” said Byron.

He said he was very surprised to hear about the nationwide alert.

“It is surprising that the whole country could have a recall that large. I’m sure it’s happened before, but once in a blue moon. I hope that the repercussions aren’t too drastic,” said Byron.

According to the CDC, there have been no cases of the current strain of E.coli infection in North Carolina or South Carolina. Retailers and restaurants have also been urged not to sell romaine until the CDC finishes its investigation into the E.coli outbreak.

While Byron is taking the alert seriously, he isn’t too concerned about getting sick.

“It’s as easy as throwing it in the garbage and trying to tell your loved ones not to eat any salads for a minute,” said the Charlotte resident.

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