Black Friday-like crowds at NC mountain Christmas tree lots

Christmas tree tourism in the NC mountains

PINEOLA, NC (WBTV) - Christmas tree grower Sam Poore expected Wednesday to be busy at his choose and cut tree lot in Pineola but it was much more than he expected. “I had to call extra help in.”

Thanksgiving comes early this year and most growers did not expect the crowds that came. Many were people up from Florida and elsewhere on vacation. They came to ski or sightsee for the holidays. Some of their tourist dollars went the growers with a few of them buying several trees to take back home.

Denise Brown bought three that she will carry to West Palm Beach, Florida this weekend. Growers say the busy start may mean a great sales year. They will know more by Sunday night. The weekend after Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest tree selling time of the season.

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