Investigation continues into bomb threats made against Alexander Co. schools from prison

Sheriff: Inmate threatens local schools

TAYLORSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Alexander County Sheriff Chris Bowman met with several investigators on Monday as they continued to look for who was responsible for sending a letter threatening to blow up three schools.

The letter, says the Sheriff, was sent from inside the Alexander Correctional Institution.

The prison is a high security, close custody facility with “dangerous people” inside, says Bowman. The threat was in a letter mailed to a legal aide group in Raleigh. That group notified prison officials on Friday who immediately notified the sheriff’s office and the school system.

Bowman says no schools were named, but the threat itself was specific.

“To blow up three schools near the prison on or about December 27.”

The letter did have a name on it but investigators are still not sure if that is the person who sent it. The SBI and prison officials are working with local investigators to find that out. If evidence does point to a suspect, Bowman says that person will be charged in the case.

Meanwhile, school officials say they are keeping parents informed, “Through our phone system and social media,” said Assistant Superintendent Elizabeth Curry.

Even though the threat was likely made by someone already incarcerated, Curry says officials are monitoring the investigation closely.

“We take any threats very, very seriously,” she said.

In the meantime, extra officers were at all the schools on Monday and will be again on Tuesday.

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