Daughter speaks about hit-and-run that left mother seriously injured in Salisbury

Daughter speaks about hit-and-run that left mother seriously injured in Salisbury

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Rhonda Covais, 54, was on the way to her daughter’s house when she was hit by a car on Lincolnton Road in Salisbury.

The driver who hit Covais left the scene without checking on her.

When Covais was hit, her daughter Lisa Webb said she landed 93 feet away from where she was standing.

But when first responders found her, she was still conscious. They airlifted her to the hospital from there.

“I never was angry she got hit," said Webb. "Things happen. But I am angry that whoever did it drove away and did not take responsibility.”

That driver was going down Lincolnton Road in Salisbury Saturday night around 5:50 p.m.

“My mom was actually on the way to my house,” said Webb.

The driver who hit Covais was in a white sedan. They did not stop to check on who they had hit.

“Looking at that and walking away is like saying she’s nobody and she’s like everything to me," said Webb. "She’s my best friend, she’s my mom.”

Covais was in serious condition when she was found, but her family says they couldn’t believe her injuries weren’t more severe given the force from the car she experienced.

She has a serious concussion, brain bleeding, a broken leg and lots of cuts, but no internal injuries.

“That to me shows that she is a miracle," said Webb. "That shows the goodness of God in her life.”

Webb has been by her mom’s side in the hospital while she recovers.

Even though she’s seen her mother in great pain, Webb has a message of forgiveness to the person who hit her mom.

“Because Jesus forgave me,” said Webb.

Though she says she totally forgives the person who did this, she still wants them brought to justice.

The Salisbury Police Department is asking for the public’s help to find the driver.

“Keep an eye out for this white sedan with front end damage and if you see something say something,” said Webb.

That white sedan may also have some windshield damage. If you see anything you’re asked to please call Salisbury Police.

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