Crime Stoppers: Undisguised, unarmed man robs Gas station on The Plaza for over $2,000

Gas station robbed on The Plaza for over $2,000

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - More than $2,000 stolen from a 7-Eleven in the middle of the night by an undisguised man who didn’t use a weapon.

There weren't many customers in this parking lot on The Plaza after midnight.

And one man was not there to buy anything. He was there to steal.

An overhead surveillance camera caught him taking a can of soda to the counter, but that was a ruse.

He asked the clerk for something, which got the clerk to turn his back.

"We think he asked the clerk for something, whether it's a pack of cigarettes or a food item, whatever it was, it worked to get the clerk to turn around," said CMPD Detective Brandon Miller.

And that’s precisely when he struck - reaching for the open cash register and pulling the cash drawer out. But when the clerk realized what was going on, he struggles for the cash box.

The crook eventually jumps the counter, wrestles the cash box away and races out with a reported $2,200. So how did he know there was so much cash?

"We think it could have been prior knowledge, or the prior sale when the customers were inside, he saw the cash drawer open, saw cash inside and decided to make his move."

Now comes the funny part. As he tries to make his getaway, he finds the front doors locked.

“The clerk was actually pretty smart with this scenario, he pushes the panic button which locks the front door and prevents him from going out the front door.”

The clerk hit the panic button, but the only one in a panic, is the bad guy. He can’t break it down, so, he heads to the emergency door in the back and disappears.

“We’re looking at a black male, possibly in the mid 20s, he was wearing a gray t-shirt and blue jeans.”

He ran away without anyone seeing which way he went. But with such good video and because he was undisguised, someone should recognize him.

If you do and want to earn a reward up to $1,000, call (704) 334-1600. Crime doesn’t pay, but Crime Stoppers does.

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