CharMeck Youth Council to reveal answers in survey about school safety

Keeping guns out of schools

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte city leaders, school officials and police commanders will be meeting Tuesday afternoon with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Youth Council to hear what young people believe is needed for school safety.

“Today we’re actually discussing solutions that students within the community and on social media provided on how they think we should properly deal with and prevent school shooting in the future,” said Righteous Keitt, president of the CharMeck Youth Council.

After the fatal shooting inside Butler High School, Generation Nation and CharMeck Youth Council began surveying youth on social media, asking “how do we make sure what happened at Butler can’t happen again?”

“Most students have talked about metal detectors and anti-bullying training. And things like making sure students are being heard from by their parents and their teachers to make sure things like this don’t happen,” said Keitt. “I feel like adults have started to recognize that we have a voice but now it’s time to start implementing that voice and actually using it to make a change because we’ve heard it. Now, what has it done? That’s the thing we want to change.”

The president of the Youth Council, who is a student at Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology, says the popular response on the survey has been metal detectors in schools. While the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center, federal and county courthouses in Mecklenburg County have metal detectors, schools do not.

The Youth Council says its survey shows some students want metal detectors in schools.

“I know a lot of students are worried about I don’t want my school to feel like a prison but at the end of the day I would rather feel safe than feel like anybody can come in with a gun in their book bag and kill me or kill my brother, shoot a family member, shoot a teacher. I think it’s necessary.”

Tuesday afternoon, policy makers will be listening while young people talk about what they think is needed to keep schools safe.

“How we can actually make a difference in our community and in our schools so that students don’t have to worry about being shot. I think this could really go well."

The meeting starts at 5:45p at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center.

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