Some light rail passengers getting off at UNCC worrying campus police

Police monitoring light rail passengers

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - With the extension of the Blue Line light to UNC Charlotte, the university added more officers - anticipating more people ride to and from the main campus.

“I think anytime you have a mode of transportation that can transport large numbers of people you know it’s important to pay attention and ensure the passengers are safe and that there is security involved with that,” said UNCC Police Chief Jeffrey Baker.

Campus police say they’re seeing a troubling element arriving on campus on the light rail.

“Sometimes members of our transient population will show up and maybe be impaired and things of that nature" said Chief Baker.

“I see them on the train. I just can’t wait til they get off that’s all,” said Yeisy Nunez, who is a regular rider on the light rail. “Intoxicated or sleeping out in public by themselves. I don't really feel safe all the time but they never bother me.”

“Almost every single day. It’s more at nighttime. They’re definitely getting on the train,” said UNCC student James Anderson. “I never really feel in danger but they’re definitely like overwhelming and so it can make you feel a little anxious from time to time.”

In an area where students and staff are constantly walking around, police say they're keeping an eye to make sure intoxicated homeless passengers who come off the light rail don't roam around campus.

“What we usually do is offer them transportation off campus and at the same time trespass them,” said Chief Baker. “If someone is clearly impaired that kind of thing we're going to give them a trespass order right then and there."

Police say a trespass order means if that person returns he or she could be arrested.

UNCC Police say since the light rail extension to campus in March, they “probably had a dozen or so" trespass orders.

Campus police say it's not that they don't want people coming to campus.

They’re looking to get control of a problem before something bad happens.

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